Online dispute resolution

Quick and easy dispute resolution: Prestige Hotels online dispute resolution service

At Prestige Hotels we are committed to always offering the best service to our customers, but if at any time a conflict arises between the user and us, we want to guarantee a quick and effective solution. For this reason, we adhere to Regulation (EU) 524/2013 that establishes the creation of an online dispute resolution platform.

Thanks to this platform, users who have had a conflict with Prestige Hotels can resolve it easily and without having to resort to the courts of law. The European Commission has created a free accessible platform where users and the provider can communicate with a dispute resolution body that acts as an intermediary. This body is neutral and will be in charge of dialogue with both parties to reach an agreement satisfactory to all.

At Prestige Hotels we want to offer maximum transparency and trust to our customers, which is why we provide you with the link to the ODR platform of the European Commission: In this way, we guarantee a quick and effective solution in case of conflict, without the need to go to the courts of justice and complying with all European regulations regarding online dispute resolution.

27 February , 2024
28 February , 2024
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