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Restaurant for weddings and other events

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Prestige Hotels have over 30 years of experience organizing all types of events. We are leaders in the area since we organize weddings, first communions, christenings and corporate events in our facilities. Our distinctive sign is the high rate of customer satisfaction, as well as the high proportion of customers who come back to celebrate different events. We have restaurant for wedding, first communions, christenings and business events.

We take care of every detail so your celebration became a very special day. Regarding planning, we do it together, so there is no room left for improvisation and everything will be made according to your standards. In that way, your day will be perfect. The quality of the food and the modular rooms, together with the best professionals in restoration, are a guarantee for success.

We have a wide variety of menus, so we can adapt to the different needs of our customers. We would like you to trust us and let the organization of your wedding, christening, first communion or company customized event in our hands. Let us take care of you!